Social and CulturalAnthropology

Social and Cultural Anthropology.

What is Social and Cultural Anthropology?
In a globally connected world, social and cultural anthropology has set itself the task of understanding human action in all its complexity. An approach to different walks of life and their connectedness forms the starting point for the investigation of social and cultural diversity.

Master's Thesis

„Culture at large: The fundamental (f)laws of evolutionary psychology“

Evolutionary psychology explains proximate causes by a reference to final causes hypothetical, which can only be empirically verified in hindsight and are oftentimes based on observations of animal behavior relate. Consequently, any observed trait or social interaction can be arbitrary and theoretically be attributed to the effects of an evolutionary adaptation of our ancestors. This supposedly led to to the fact that specific modules have emerged in the brain, which the psyche in a more or react in a less ready-made way to external and internal stimuli. This semi-scientific modus operandi implies criticism from diverse scientific fields.
Vienna Anthropology Days – short VANDA – is a yearly, international conference, taking place in the beautiful capital of Austria. It aims to bring together scholars from various fields of anthropology, social sciences and humanities.

VANDA is a green, socially inclusive conference and offers a unique social activity program. It is hosted by the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Vienna.