Drum Videos

Funky Beat

This funk beat requires good control over the 16th note position. The dynamics also play a major role in this groove, as the hits on the snare drum are played softer, contrasting the accents on position two and four. Also, this beat has a 16th note shuffle, which means that every other 16th note is played with a slight delay. 

Clap Stack Groove

The basic beat for this groove is simple, but what makes it stand out are three factors. First, it is played with an eighth-note shuffle, meaning that every other eighth-note position is played with a slight delay. Second, the hits on positions two and four of the snare drum are emphasized with the clap stack. This slightly offset flam between the instruments creates a particularly wide and full backbeat. The third special feature are the thirty-second notes, which begin on the last eighth of each bar.

Tom Groove

It's not easy, especially at the beginning, to include toms in drum grooves without interrupting the flow of the beat. An easy way to do this is to play the snare drum on positions two and four. This will make it easier for you and the listener to keep the groove. You can also try to follow a melody in your head and implement it using the toms.

Hip Hop Groove

At first I was very skeptical about e-drums, but now I know that they can be a useful tool. Even if the feel is different, almost all exercises of an acoustic drumset can be implemented. In addition, it has certain advantages, such as the low volume when headphones are used, or that the sounds can be varied with the push of a button and that a metronome is always built in. The latter is the most important tool to make you more precise. Never forget that a metronome is your ally and should not be an adversary. See it as the most accurate fellow musician you could wish for and you will benefit greatly from it.