I've been playing drums and percussion for over 20 years and gained studio experience very early in my life. My favorite styles of music are Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop, but from Latin to Metal I also have some tricks and exercises I would like to share with you.

Educational Content

Drum-Set exercises, music theory, rhythm, sight reading, snare drum playing, rudiments, improvisation, musical communication, coordination, condition and accuracy exercises, tuning the instrument and hardware knowledge.

Would you like to learn a certain style or set specific priorities?
Let's talk about it, I'm open to everything!

The drum lessons can be held either in the rehearsal room of the Soundborn Studio on acoustic drums, or in my apartment on e-drums, in the 8th district of Vienna. Home visits can also be arranged on request.

Acoustic Drum Set: 5-Piece Tama Starclassic + Ludwig Carl Palmer Brass Snare

Cymbals: Sabian Legacy Hi-Hats 14″, Paiste Dark Energy Crash 18″, Zildjian Kerope 20″, Istanbul Clap Stack

Percussion: Conga, Bongos, Woodblocks and of course more Cowbell

E-Drums: Yamaha DTXPress + Zildjian 16″ Low Volume Crash

The financial compensation is 30 to 40 Euro per lesson, depending on the lesson being held either at my place oder or in the rehearsal room .

As an offer, subscriptions of 4 hours per month can be booked for the reduced price of 100€ at my home, or 140€ in the rehearsal room respectively.

On request home visits can be arranged as well. Financial compensation will be agreed upon depending on the distance.

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