Band Projects

Heartmind is a trip hop / downtempo project by mastermind MadMan, talented singer Jay, classical violinist Olisa and myself on drums. What began as a solo project soon grew into a dynamic musical dialogue between four versatile musicians with a penchant for trippy flows, smooth basslines and driving drumbeats. „Rite Of Passage“ was created by Fabian Wessely in the legendary Soundborn Studio in Vienna.

Manuel "MadMan" Beraha - Lead Producer, Bass, Guitar, Synths, Editing & Mixing
David „Dee“ Beraha – Drums, Percussion
Justyna "Jay" Konecka - Vocals, Lyrics
Robert Olisa Nzekwu - Violin
Mental Confusion is a three-headed beast, a chimera, a somber triptych. We take you on a journey to a strange, unrecognizable universe. With our „The Curse of Mental Confusion“ we will guide you through the darkest pathways of your consciousness. With unorthodox methods and crazy styles, we're up for anything.

Manuel „MadMan“ Beraha – Rap, Bass, Guitar, Synthesizer
David „Dee“ Beraha – Drums, Percussion
Fabian „Comic“ Wessely – Rap, Synthesizer, Editing & Mixing